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Bolivarian Union


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It sounds very hard to pull off.  I don't know what kind of effects it would have, globally and continent-wise.

I hadn't heard of this idea.  Is there a story about it online that you could post a link to?


Oh, I'll try to find one of the many there might be. This has existed as an idea for many, many years. Nowadays, however, Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez(friend of Castro) is subtlety trying to recover the intend to unite all bolivarian nations.


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I would be interested in seeing the South American Community of Nations really flower over time into the "South American Union." There's a lot of potential there in eliminating tariffs continent-wide, adopting standards and in time a common currency. However the European Union started with 6 of the larger and wealthier nations of Europe, so a successful 'SAU' might start off with Argentina, Chile & Colombia, admit Brazil a little later while Argentina whines about it, Venezuela and Uruguay in the next wave and only slowly admitting poorer neighbors like Peru & Bolivia.

In time as with Europe this might pose new questions about South America's optimal economic area... should Guyana, Suriname and perhaps French Guiana be included? Would Panama be better off affiliating with South America or with a hypothetical Central American grouping? Would the Caribbean want to join and would that be practical?

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I read an article in the paper over the weekend that talked about this idea of a South American union; I believe the idea is something very much like another EU. Brazil would be a part of it, so it is not to ocunter Brazilian influence int he region, but rather to integrate the countries on the continent.


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Any Bolivarian Union that attempts to be the "EU of South America" without Brazil is really ignoring the elephant in the room. Based on my experiences with Brazilians, I suspect they would be very interested in a NAFTA-type arrangement, but less so in a more ambitious supranational political union in the style of the European Union. Brazilians in particular dislike Argentines (generally speaking) and like Americans, rarely consider their smaller neighbors, such as Bolivia, Paraguay or Uruguay.

So hypothetically a Bolivarian Union with Brazil would be broader, without Brazil probably deeper. And again, the EU did not start off by including everyone on the continent nor the poorest nations, so an "everyone at once" model might have slow progress and disappointing results.

I'm guessing this is why the 'bank' will be located in Brasilia, for relative expertise and support for any future common currency.

Personally, I think Cuzco would make an interesting choice for South American capital!

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