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Willimantic Frog Bridge


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Not sure if anyone has been to Willimantic to see the bridge that was completed a few years ago. It has some very nice architecture. Once again the pictures are not good because of light and them being taken from a moving car. I hope to get some good ones up from around Willimantic region next time home.





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Sometimes the forum software doesn't like particular things in the image URL, not often but sometimes it just doesn't like it, I'm thinking the underscores in the URL are the problem. I edited out the image tags so people can clickthrough to the images via the links.

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Havent seen your pics but know the frog bridge and think its a great bridge. Also did you know at the large mill just down the road from the bridge the state is working with a developer to convert the building into apartments, art condos (like in Hartford) and retail/office space similar to what they are doing at COLT in Hartford.

Willimantic is struggling city but it can work the fact that Eastern CT State University is in town, the casinos arent far, Norwich is right down the road on Rt. 32 and New London isnt to far either.

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