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Milton County: Why not Forsyth?


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Okay, North Fulton residents are doing their damndest to get out of Fulton County without actually leaving the county...what was once two jurisdictions surrounded by unincorporated area will now be five. And all of this just because no other counties in Georgia are willing to merge so that they can have their Milton County. Refer to the last paragraph, btw, on that last statement.

What seems obvious to me is that North Fulton should break off and join Forsyth County. They are unmistakably similar in wealth, politics, progress and all and would be a most likely happy union. The fact is that Milton County was too small in the first place. Compare it to Athens-Clarke County in size. It's small enough to be a city-state!

Aside from that, here's a more practical scenario that should be considered for jurisdictional shifts in the Atlanta area other than "Milton". Some match what others have already said or planned.

1) Fulton County and Atlanta merge

2) South Fulton breaks off to join Fayette or even Cobb County

3) Dekalb County breaks up with part going to Atlanta-Fulton County, part going to Gwinnett County and part going to Clayton County, increasing the land area of already too small Clayton County.

4) Prior to the Atlanta-Fulton merger, Buckhead breaks off to form a city but remains in Fulton County. Since there already is a Buckhead in east GA, this would have to be something like Buckhead-Peachtree, Lenox, Peachtree Hills or something like that for the official name.

5) Paulding and Douglas Counties merge.

6) Rockdale and Walton Counties merge.

7) Cherokee and Pickens Counties merge.

8) Many metro cities would be dissolved or reduced. Reduced cities would include Roswell, Alpharetta and Smyrna. Dissolved cities would include Kennesaw, Woodstock, Forest Park, Mableton, Norcross, Snellville, Lilburn and others (I don't have a map handy). *prepares to be flamed*

Before many of you gawk, note that the considerations here are counties and areas that have a lot in common with each other, thus creating a regional geography that would be more in line with reality.

In addition, I would definitely think that several counties and cities should get together and form special districts to share certain services (as if that would ever happen), but it does work in certain areas of the country. Curiously, the little kingdoms in Georgia would never figure out what I'm talking about :P

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As a very long term north Fulton resident I would hope that instead of us focusing on "you go over here, we go over there" mentality that the region as a whole can stop thinking in terms of their own small surroundings and think of the region as a whole.

You never hear of all this foolishness in metro Charlotte or metro Dallas/Ft Worth. We can't even get regional transportation because noone cooperates with each other.

Newsflash.....the world is varied with many different people. As a collective whole I would much rather see us focus on making the schools of all metro districts the best in the nation, decreasing traffic, coming up with regional transportation plans, preserving green space and obtaining greater job options for all citizens. I for one, having grown up in Dunwoody (Fulton Cty), married and moved to Roswell (Milton Cty) and later moving to Alpharetta (Milton Cty), people who are pro Milton county are not considering combining with Forsyth County. If anything I could see southern Forsyth County wanting to join Milton County because southern Forsyth is drastically different than northern Forsyth.

If you don't believe me then by all means attend a county meeting. Southern Forsyth has been growing dramatically and many of those moving there are northern transplants or people moving from northern Fulton County for lower taxes. I have attended council meetings and the infighting in Forsyth can be mind boggling. "They move here changing our way of life" or "why must the council cater to south Forsyth all the time." I have heard it with my own ears.

See how silly this "you go over there and we go over here" idea is?

This is clear example of the foolishness that prevails in the metro Atlanta area. It's almost embarrassing. As cosmopolitan as we would like to be, we do some backward actions. There are probably more municipalities in metro Atlanta than there are probably in all of Rhode Island. (j/k) Will we ever come together as a collective whole and stop thinking in terms of "your county, my county, your city, my city, your people, my people, your socio-economic class, my socio-economic class?

Instead of fragmenting into any more municipalities.....like we don't have enough already.....we need to focus on coming together as a collective whole for the betterment of the region at large. A strong and vibrant metro Atlanta is a strong and vibrant Georgia. We are all in this together and as soon as we stop thinking in terms of self and being out for what we can get.....and that's both governments in north metro and south metro.....the better we will be.

That's just my commentary on the matter.

I would however like for a better explaination of this quote because I don't fully understand what this means......

Before many of you gawk, note that the considerations here are counties and areas that have a lot in common with each other, thus creating a regional geography that would be more in line with reality.
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