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Manchester Place I and II

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I was browsing aroung a website called "skyscraperpage" and I noticed that for Manchester, NH, there were these two twenty-story buildings proposed. This would make for an excellent addition to the city. Any news on these? Does anyone know what I am talking about. Are these old proposals or new? Thanks.

P.S. also on that site, MAnchester's Hapshire Plaza beats out a few 20+ buildings in manchester, UK; one of them is 25 stories tall!

Here, check it out:

Manchester on SSP?

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bad choice on their part we need another highrise :angry:  :D


I don't think Manchester is as urban as Portland, it appears to have really tall buildings and nothing in between. But it is slightly larger so building a few more would be an excellent idea to fill in that space. Portland, on the other hand, should have built up; now it is sprawled out all over the place with 5-7 story buildings and not one skyscraper. Manchester has the right idea in this department.

Interesting fact -- comparing Portland and Manchester mile for mile (that is, expanding Portland's city boundaries to equal the land area of Manchester) their populations become much more similar. At thirty square miles, we have Manchester at 107,000-111,000 people and Portland at 90,000-95,000 people, depending on which pop. stats are used.

Another interesting fact -- expanding Burlington, Vermont's boundaries just one mile (to make a total of 11 square miles) increases its population by over 6,000 people to 45,000. Then the college population of the city raises its population during the academic year to 55-57,000 residents.

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