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hi. i'm george. i found this thread way back in the archives and thought it a good way to introduce myself.

i am 24 and just started grad school at GVSU yesterday. i am in the nonprofit administration program, but with as much of an urban planning as possible. i think this just means all of my electives will be in urban planning. i was born in lansing, but have lived in grand rapids for as long as i can remember. i grew up in SE end, but have since lived in allendale, eastown, and currently live right on the border of heritage hill and heartside at wealthy/lafayette. i tend to rut, and RARELY leave the stretch of five neighborhoods between heartside/downtown and eastown. i don't like to talk loudly or run. i do like my bike.

grand rapids was my first love. and i really like living in grand rapids to this day. i grew up here, i am comfortable here. i feel it has a lot to offer and is very plastic - in the sense that it has the ability to be formed. the single greatest attribute of grand rapids, i believe, is potential. it has nothing but potential, really. potential and cheap rent. everything that is great could be better, and i am confident that it will be. currently, i am involved with the DAAC and G-RAD.org and a couple other arts oriented projects around town. i am also a catholic central grad, so between highschool, the venue, and the UICA i have spent a considerable amount of time on the 'avenue of the arts,' and have a particular interest in that area.

i am really glad i found this forum. i found it through the url referers for G-RAD.

anyways, pleased to meet you all, and thank you for having this great resource!

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Welcome to Urban Planet, elyw77!

Hey, I heard about your ongoing outdoor film project from a friend and I bet some of your fellow Urban Planeteers would be interested in attending one of these screenings. Care to fill us in on the details?


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