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Changes in Your Commute?


When gas reaches $4.00/gallon, will you:  

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  1. 1. When gas reaches $4.00/gallon, will you:

    • Do nothing differently
    • Telecommute/adjust work schedule to conserve gas
    • Join a carpool/vanpool to work
    • Take the bus to work
    • Bike to work
    • Walk to work
    • Move to be closer to work or transit
    • Change jobs to one closer to home or transit

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Have been biking once a week to work at 5.5 miles one way. Will up that to at least three days a week and just stuff work clothes (office type) in a back pack. When my office moves downtown into the State Gov't complex my bike ride will be about 1 mile (which is why I live where I do). Cheers to those who are finding a better way (or already were).

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I'm with transitman. I've been driving every day for over a year, just using the bus when my car was being serviced.

Bought two CATS passes last week. I'll be taking the bus at least half the time until gas gets back to around $2.50. If gas got to $4 I'd probably only use my car if I know there's an errand I need to handle while at work.

The real acid test of change, will be if we see the uptown parking lots lower prices to induce commuters back. B)

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Well I just got a new job and my commute is much longer now. it will be a 40 minute drive from Greensboro to just north of Lexington off of hwy 52. So I have to drive all the way to Winston-Salem then another 10 miles or so south on Hwy 52

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I have a 02 Honda Civic and I live 7 mins from work, so I fill up about every 3 weeks usually. If I'm driving for work (which is from Winston to Eden, GSO, Mooresville, or CLT) I get reimbursed so it doesn't really affect me a whole lot especially since they just upped the mileage rate.

Cityboi, that's one heck of a commute...I used to drive to GSO and hated every moment of it. But this was prior to the additional lanes on I-40. My roommate drives from Winston to Lexington everyday...be glad you avoid most of the bottleneck of 52 from I-40 to University Pwky...around 5 it's just like 40 used to be around the airport...a parking lot.

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