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I heard on the radio this morning that some service stations are literally running out of gas, and don't know when they'll get more. I also heard that in some cities, it is already hard to find gas.

Can anyone give me some verification for this? I live in Pittsburgh, and as far as I have heard only one local station is actually out of gas. Is it really worse in other cities?

What do you all think the ramifications of this will be? I'm begining to really worry.

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I have not heard this except in the south where gas is affect by Hurricane Katrina. I heard that there are very few stations with power so very little gas there.

In Atlanta I heard has jumped to more then 5$ a gallon because a major gas line for the Atlanta area has been destroyed.

In CT I know of no gas shortage but I do know Tuesday gas went up from around $2.55 up to $2.80 and this morning is up to $2.99 and well into the $3 range in many areas. The problem with CT though is that stations can charge as much as they want and not get in trouble until the govenor calls a State of Emergency which would put a cap on all the gas prices.

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