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An Urban Renaissance in a Suburban Nation


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I found this article in the Ford Foundation Report as it was talking about the urban

(city) comeback. Here is a sample:

The American story of the past 50 years has been the dispersal of people and jobs from the cities to the suburbs and beyond. Yet beneath that dominant story is an emerging narrative about the power and potential of cities and urban life.

Broad demographic, economic and cultural forces are increasingly fueling a visible, if uneven and incomplete, resurgence of American cities. These forces are also altering the shape and composition of many suburbs and forcing Americans to reconsider the very notion of what is urban. The demographic forces behind this transformation include:

An enormous wave of immigration-34 million U.S. residents, 12 percent of the population, are foreign born, the highest share since 1930. Immigrant families, seeking communities that are tolerant and welcoming, are fueling population growth in cities and, in the process, renovating housing, revitalizing neighborhoods and opening new businesses. During the 1990

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