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Hartford: Your Health and Your Environment

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A link to a page on the site that lists all the open spaces (parks, gardents) in Hartford and has pictures of the bigger ones)


Great pics! Anybody have any comments on the public spaces in Hartford? Do you like them, hate them? Are they used enough? Are they dirty or clean?

This a link on the site about vacant lots


Something I would like to make a disscussion about is the fact that Hartford Mayor Perez wants to put into effect an extra tax increase (like the taxes arent high enough) that would be for people who own vacant lots in the city. Vacant lots downtown or in active places arent good but I know that my parents along with my aunt and uncle inherited a lot on Ann Street (just west of I-84, oppisite the central business district where Ann St and High St are parallel and where the proposed public safety complex is). Previously there was a rooming house that my grandparents closed after they moved out, but they kept the area clean and always paid there taxes on time for and then the city had the nerve to go and knock the building down and put a lien on the property. Anyway today it is a vacant lot surrounded by parking lots and in the back a new public safety complex is going to be built but the city does not want our land for the complex and there is already to much parking in that area and besides that the area is DEAD so how is this tax fair to owners of property like this?

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That would be nice but I have to be quite honest. I love the city of Hartford but the people who work for the city of Hartford including many of the Hartford politicians I cant stand.

This area is not well like and is right near the North End which makes some people cringe. Hopefully the public safety compex will need additional parking and buy the lot..it would be very safe!!! The 12B parcel is near this area two and the city is trying to find someone who wants it. WFSB said it was to small along with ING..these would have been great for the area.

Just hope and wait I guess

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