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Some friends and I are working on delivering supplies in personal vehicles to Mississippi/LA and bring people back and place them in homes. If you or someone you know is interested in offering your home, want to donate supplies to be delivered, or have materials that would be helpful to people coming from those areas please contact:




So far we've managed to make several runs to the coast to drop supplies and another major load is going out this morning and then again on Wendesday. There should also be 200 or so people coming from the coast starting tonight. This wasn't started as part of the church, however, the church has stepped up on offered to help. This isn't a religious mission of any kind, purely humanitarian.

For those who like to sit around and talk about what others aren't doing, here is a chance to get involved, even in a simple way.

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Our pastor said something about this program this morning. My church will be sending a group up there shortly.


With a little leg work we got a lot of people supplies and a few families homes. The majority of the effort was put on pause since many of the FEMA and Red Cross busses they expected never showed or were delayed. But a group of us went out on there own and found families in need, some on their last dollars, in local hotels.

I've found there are probably hundreds of people in hotels with no idea when they can return, many running out of money who could use nothing more than to be directed to a group who will help them. Most of these people have a pride issue with going to a shelter. But many can use the help getting in a house or apartment (either on their own or with someone else) and getting pointed int he right direction. You could help a lot of people with $0 (other than maybe some gas).

Ironchapman - you may want to see if you can get people who are willing to get out and find people who need help. There was such a huge out pour or donations and volunteers, but because of the problems getting people to help, most of it is just sitting. Your church can do a lot of good just finding people to help.

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