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Le Meridian seemed to quietly leave


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Sheesh, I didn't even know LeMeridian changed to Graves 601 Hotel. I had a friend in town from NYC and we were walking around doing a little foot tour and I said, "There's the LeMer....erm, Graves 601 Hotel??" Weird. Anyway,

"Le Meridian Minneapolis has a new name. Graves Hospitality Corp., a hotel development firm based in Minneapolis, has christened the first property in what the company says will become a new luxury hotel chain called Graves Hotels. The 255-room Graves 601 Hotel Minneapolis will be the flagship hotel for the chain, which already has properties in development in downtown Chicago; the Chelsea district of New York; Coronado, Calif.; and Costa Rica. The hotels, some of which will have residential condominium units, are slated to begin opening within the next 38 months."

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This news was pretty sudden. Currently I work at the Grand Hotel, we found out the day it changed names, but it came from out of nowhere. Here at the Grand we're experiencing some back lash. Now we have people coming in to the front desk to check in. After not finding their reservation, they ask us "Is this not the Grand 601 hotel?"

We've come up with some pretty nice slogan using the Graves name, I'll share them if anyone wants.

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they ask us "Is this not the Grand 601 hotel?"


:lol: Well, despite the sudden name change, you would think travellers would take enough initiative to print out their itinerary to have proper reference. Maybe I'm just anal retentive.

So, what is this slogan?

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Dang, they threw out all the slogans that they had here. Ummm I think I can remember some.

"Don't make a grave mistake, stay at the Grand."

"Make a grave day great at the Grand."

a friend of mine had some that were not marketing orientated.

"Graves 601 Hotel, we do funerals!" and stuff like that.

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