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Thornton Hall


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I have been lurking for a while. Figured I would finally post.

I have wondered this for a while now. The property was cleared and paved in 2002. So far, they have built 3 houses, and all 3 are, or have recently been, for sale. They are in the $750K range, so I wonder if they were just too pricy for the market?

The property now looks terrible. Overgrown and unused. I would be interested if someone had some insight on the neighborhood...

Thornton Hall

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This neighborhood is moving forward again and I believe it has been renamed 'Avondale West'. TIC properties it now running the show and there is one house being built right now. It is listed close to $600K. IMO that will be an easier price point to sell than the original $750K. I think this will be a great addition to the N. Main area, once finished.

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Drove through this development this morning and work is definitely underway on several new homes. Noticed the change of names at the entrance. Looks like it will be a quality development and good infill for the North Main area. A few photos of the entrance and clubhouse:




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