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Chicago Developments

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Hey guys, just thought I'd start a threat for where you can post a pic and info of any new contruction sites that are going up or being proposed. This will give us a sense of the overall picture. I know that there's a lot out there so we're going to need everyone's help.

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How it stacks up

- 2,000 feet to top of spire, taller than the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower

- 920,000 total square feet, compared with 4.5 million for Sears Tower

- Up to 250 condos, compared with 472 for Trump's Chicago tower

- Condos would likely be valued between $6.5 million and $7.5 million

- - -

Tallest building in North America proposed

A proposed hotel and condominium building on the lakefront would tower over other Chicago landmarks.

Fordham Spire / Proposed - 2,000 ft. / 115 floors

Sears Tower - 1,450 ft. / 110 floors

Trump Tower / Under construction - 1,136 ft. / 83 floors

Aon Center - 1,360 ft. / 92 floors

John Hancock Center - 1,127 ft. / 100 floors

Freedom Tower / Planned - 1,776 ft. / 82 floors

Note: Antennae are not included in a building's height. A spire may be considered an architectural component of the building and be included in the height. Renderings are not in proportionate scale. Ceiling heights may differ, accounting for numbers of floors.

Sources: The Fordham Co., Emporis

Chicago Tribune


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The Waterview Tower (89 stories/1030 feet) has recently been approved. Although no construction date has been set, it could begin as early as November 2005. We'll just have to wait and see. But the fact that this project made it from the proposal stage to the approved stage is a victory unto itself.



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Chicago's 2010 skyline with The Waterview (approved), Trump Tower (under construction), and Fordham Spire (proposed). Waterview and Trump were added by STR. Note: This photo does not include the numerous other proposed and u/c buildings that will have been completed by 2010.


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Here is what's in the works for Block 37. For those unacquainted with its torturous and tortured history, Block 37 is a perpetually vacant lot in the heart of Chicago's Loop. Bordered by State St., Washington St., Dearborn St., and Randolph St., it is essentially a graveyard where developers' dreams come to die. Numerous projects have been planned for Block 37, only to mysteriously fail to materialize. But now, finally, it seems as though there is a firm redevelopment plan for Block 37 that will come to fruition. One of the most exciting elements of the project is the underground CTA "super station" that will provide high speed access to O'Hare and Midway. Block 37, as some have said, could be Chicago's version of Times Square.

The following information was not written by me...


CBS 2's broadcast center will occupy the first five floors of the office tower at 108 North State Street. It will anchor the corner of Washington and Dearborn Streets, with a showcase street-side studio facing Daley Plaza.



The 21st Century shopping experience along State Street leads to a 400,000-square-foot office tower on Washington Street. The dramatic, multi-color "artistic frieze" flows along the exterior of the building from the residential tower at State and Randolph Streets to the corner of State and Washington Streets.



Along Randolph Street, 108 North State Street's exterior features interfacing night clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as an "artistic frieze" - a dramatic, multi-colored artistic ribbon the incorporates public art into the broader architectural scheme.



Along State Street, 108 North State Street will feature a combination of established contemporary, emerging and international retailers, as well as a unique wellness environment connected to a green roof and terrace. A 300-unit residential tower will be located above the retail stores. The dramatic, multi-colored "artistic frieze" creates a strong, vibrant architectural centerpiece for the project.


108 North State Street, a 21st Century urban, retail and lifestyle destination, will be located in the heart of the City of Chicago. The development will feature approximately 400,000 square feet of retail, entertainment and dining offerings; 200,000 to 450,000 square feet of office space, a 200- to 300-room hotel, a 200- to 300-unit residential tower, and a state-of-the-art CTA transit station providing service to Chicago's O'Hare and Midway airports. Construction of the world-class, multi-use urban destination is expected to begin by the end of 2005.

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340 ON THE PARK - 64 STORIES/472' - U/C

340 On The Park is a residential building currently under construction. I went by on Saturday on my way to Jazz Fest and construction is proceeding at a good pace. This building will be the tallest residential building in Chicago and the second tallest residential in the entire U.S. Another interesting fact, from Emporis: "340 on the Park is the first residential high-rise in Chicago designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards."

Southern facade


Northern facade


Base and lobby




From the building's footprint, you can clearly see the curving facades


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nice, looks like there's some great projects going up. Does anyone have a map that located where these projects are? It really helps me to see it on a map so I can visualize it better.

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This project consists of two residential towers. The South Tower, at 600 N. LSD, will be 46 stories and 513 feet. The North Tower, at 622 N. LSD, will be 40 stories and 453 feet. I think construction has already begun, as potholing was taking place back in early August. But I'm not 100 percent sure on the status of the construction. So for now, I'll put it at "approved." The North Tower is going to be built first.




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From Mandarin officials: "Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has announced that it will manage a new 250-room luxury hotel and 50 branded residences which are planned to open in Chicago in early 2008. The project provides the Group with a unique opportunity to establish its luxury brand in another important American city. Mandarin Oriental, Chicago will occupy 15 floors of a new 90-storey tower which will be an exclusive mixed-use development in Chicago's growing Millennium Park neighborhood."

Also: "The award-winning firm of Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) will be lead architect coordinating with Patrick Danan of ICDG."

Unfortunately, no renderings have been released yet.

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There is just way too much going on in Chicago to try to look up all the projects afterwards, keeping up with proposals as they come along would be hard enough.

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Another Chinese hotel/condo tower development... apparently different from the Mandarin.

Shangri-La to open Wacker Drive hotel

Luxury chain sets 1st U.S. facility in planned new tower

By John Schmeltzer

Tribune staff reporter

Published October 5, 2005

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, a Hong Kong-based luxury hotel chain, will open its first U.S. hotel in a 90-story tower to be built at Wacker Drive and Clark Street on land now occupied by a parking lot.

The 200-room hotel, to be located on the 12th through 27th floors of the Waterview Tower, is expected to open in early 2009. The hotel will be owned by Waterview LLC, which is developing the tower, and will be managed by Shangri-La.

The tower, which will also contain 233 residential condominiums, was designed by architect Thomas Hoepf, of Teng & Associates.

from Chicago Tribune

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There is certainly alot going on in Chicago, thanks for posting all of the articles.

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Checkout the development overview: Bridgeport Village

It is a development (at build-out) of approx. 350 single-family homes in the Chicago neighborhood of Bridgeport. This location is about 4 miles southwest of the Loop and is built on old industrial land adjacent to Bubbly Creek (a tributary of the South Branch of the Chicago River).

It is one of the best examples of TND that I have seen. It is built right into the existing street grid of the neighborhood and has alleys with actually functional rear yards. unlike many TNDs with attached garages off alleys that completely kill the rear yards.

My understanding is that the houess are selling easily and going for over $600,000 for even the smallest units.

An aerial of the development site from 2002. The site is the area within the red lines:


Here are some photos I took recently:















Here are some the existing housing across the street from the development:





This picture acutally shows how intergrated the development is with the existing neighborhood.

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The rich keep getting richer! Chicago is amazing and with all these proposed and u/c towers its only getting better. Great pics thanks for posting.

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