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Pennsylvania mulls suspending all gas taxes


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Since we are the 2nd highest state in our gas tax rate (and the highest in diesel), and to think PennDOT is what we get with all that money :lol: I think the idea is worth a shot.

"If you fill your two 150-gallon fuel tanks, you'd pay about $897 in the Central Atlantic region,'' he said.


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The problem with suspending gas taxes is that highway money revenues are decreased. Many tasks done by PennDOT that were suppose to be done (resurfacing, new highways, pothole repairs, etc) will be delayed. Truckers benefit because they have 90-100 gallon tanks so one cent more will shell out 90 cents to one dollar, you do the math. Automobile owners savings are not even close to truckers since gas tanks are normally 15-20 gallons for sedan vehicles.

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