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Does Katrina increase threat of terrorism?


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It may be morbid, but I wonder if Hurricane Katrina has increased the chance of a terrorist attack in the upcoming weeks or months. To believe it's possible, you only have to make two assumption: (a) that there are terrorist cells already in America, and (b) that some of them have plots that are at or near an operational stage. Most people believe (a) is true, and (b) is impossible to know, but could be true.

Terrorists would probably find the havoc created by Katrina the perfect time to launch an attack. Add the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, and it could prompt a terrorist cell to strike sooner rather than later. With our federal government deeply involved in Iraq and now on the Gulf Coast, a terrorist attack in another part of the country would completely overwhelm the governments ability to respond.

I know it's an unpleasant thought, but it doesn't boggle the mind to reach these conclusions.

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the whole world is watching us. they are seeing the response of the federal gov., and the horrible leadership of the governor and mayor of your state and NO. aljezeera has shown the arab world of the chaos that followed the flooding.i think the terrorists like the fact that the government acted so slow. just think if they set off a nuke in one of our cities.

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