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New Orleans Revival


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Life is coming back to New Orleans.

New Orleans Executives Plan Revival

I open this forum for what is happening now in New Orleans. I am looking for good news. As far as plans to rebuild, go to another forum Rebuiling New Orleans.


Authorities said the airport will reopen to commercial flights Sept. 19. And a $30.9 million contract was signed to rebuild the Interstate 10 bridge over Lake Pontchartrain that sustained major hurricane damage.

Signs of Life Start to Appear in N.O.


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Good to hear

I also found this on a neighborhood's website in new orleans (English Turn) which was interesting to see... what local places are opening back up and stuff http://www.englishturn.com/news.php3

Hurricane Katrina Update

* The English Turn Community weathered Hurricane Katrina fairly well as reported to us by the St. Paul Corporate Assessment Team and other eyewitness accounts

* Electricity is now restored to English Turn

* English Turn has experienced no flooding to our knowledge

* Due to the mandatory evacuation, Vinson Guard evacuated New Orleans; the 7th District N.O.P.D. and National Guard took occupancy of the Clubhouse and has patrolled the Community from the time the hurricane struck up to the present time and has provided additional security to the Community

* To the best of our knowledge, there has been no visible damage from the street from looting activities within the English Turn Community

* Drinkable water

* Services becoming more available each day

* Super Wal-Mart on Behrman Hwy. reopening Monday, October 3

* Walgreen's on General DeGaulle now open

* BP Walker gas station on General DeGaulle now open

* Winn Dixie in Algiers is now open

* St. Andrew School will be opening October 3rd (tentative)

* Holy Name of Mary School opening September 26 (tentative)

* Algiers New Orleans Public Schools opening November 1 (tentative)

* Sav-A-Center grocery on General DeGaulle Drive now open

* Algiers mail delivery service will resume on Saturday, October 1st

* Household garbage pick up in progress

* West Jefferson Hospital open

* Algiers/Fisher and Ida Hymel Clinics opened on Sept. 19

* New 911 system fully operational on Sept. 26

* Fire coverage from Woodland Fire Station

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