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Trump Tower in New Orleans to go forward


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Here's an excerpt from a great interview of Donald Trump done by Neil Cavuto... His view on the tower development, and the levee issues are right on target, IMO...

CAVUTO: Now, what about development in the area? That's something you know a thing or two about. Would you ever look to this region?

TRUMP: Well, you know, I just looked to it, because, about two weeks ago, we announced that we're going to do a building in New Orleans. And it was the first major building to be built there. We have wonderful partners in New Orleans, great developers. And I know they want to go forward with it. They still want to go forward with it, despite the tragedy...

CAVUTO: Do you? Do you want to go forward with it?

TRUMP: Well, I would have to see. But I can tell you that I'm doing business with a great group of people in New Orleans and a wonderful developer. And they want to go forward with it, and they continue to want to go forward with it. And I say, hey, if you're game, I'm game.

CAVUTO: But, in order to go forward with it, Donald, this levee issue, I would imagine, has to be addressed for you, does it not?

TRUMP: Well, they are going to have to do something about those walls. They're going to have to make those walls so that they could withstand 10 times the kind of pressure, because it's only structure.


TRUMP: If they add more steel and if they add more concrete, they can handle many times the water that broke this particular wall.

It's a dam. Essentially, it's a dam. And the dam burst. And how can that happen, especially when this isn't just a dam bursting in a little area that gets wet? This is a whole city is dependent on that wall. And how is it possible that that wall could break?

CAVUTO: Let me ask you about the future of New Orleans. There are some who say, given the levee risk, given the problems, given the expense, it isn't worth it, rebuilding. What do you say?

TRUMP: Well, there is no levee risk if you built it properly. And it can be rebuilt properly and it can withstand anything, frankly. You know, what we can do today in construction is amazing.

CAVUTO: Right.

TRUMP: But you can't just let a great city like New Orleans go. I mean, that was a great city. That was a great place. It had a certain spirit for this country. It was just amazing

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I just found a rendering of the tower at Adache.com....I wish I could say I liked the building. It looks like one of those Ionic Breeze air freshening systems....


click on "Projects" A picture of Portofino at the Broadwater in Biloxi is also on the site. Another large building lacking grace.....

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Real estate magnate Donald Trump, who will brand the project, also supports moving forward.

"The Trump organization stands behind the people of New Orleans as they rebuild their great city. We have no doubt that the city of New Orleans will come back stronger than ever, and the Trump organization is proud to be a part of this redevelopment process as New Orleans gets back on its feet."

"Our decision to enter the New Orleans market has only been reinforced by the dynamic nature and resilient strength of the people of New Orleans," Trump said.....

Here's the article

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Great Article!

The quotes from Trump about moving into the New Orleans market are great.

And I completely agee with this..

The acceleration of such a project, which had been expected to be delayed by at least 24 months because of the storm, could send a powerful signal that New Orleans is open for business.
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