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Twin Cities

University of Minnesota's proposed stadium

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Here's some photos of the proposed Gopher football stadium near the intersection of Oak and 4th Streets, across from Mariucci Arena. The open-air horseshoe design includes 50,000 general seats and an array of club and suite seats. The stadium would complement the campus environment, have a collegiate look and feel, create two new landscaped plazas, and accommodate other uses. The design allows for maximum flexibility, including potential future expansion up to 80,000 seats.

The total project cost is estimated at $222 million, which includes $16.8 million for site preparation, $25.1 million for district improvements, and $180.1 million for the stadium. Approximately $10 million for inflation is factored into these figures. Further analysis is needed and could result in significant cost fluctuations.




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Nice stadium.

Now that's nice I hope more universities should updated there stadiums to look like this or use this as a stepping stone to better stadiums

Not the University of Michigan....we just keep adding more & more rows onto the top. LOL. The capacity is like 120,000 now. Talk about fitting a lot of people in a small space! I find it much more fun to walk around Ann Arbor than to watch a game while standing sideways for 3 or 4 hours.

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