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A visit to Chicago


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For someone special... I post these pictures of light posts


Traffic Lights and Light Post


Pedestrian Scale Traffic Light


Chicago "Beach"


A look east from Millenium Park


Toyota Takes over Gotham City Style


Mast Arm Street Light and Signage


The two most beautiful buildings in Chicago


Chicago does water Well


TalTran could take a page from this Chicago transit Sign


Count your blessings Tallahassee. In Chicago $.25 gets you 15 minutes on the curb.

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Does the river in Chicago really stinks. If i am not mistaken Chicago was a native american word meaning stank river.


No, the river does not stink. "Chicago" does mean something along the lines of "big stinky place", but that was refering to the fields of wild onions that were here 200 years ago. :cry:

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Also, a couple of clarifications. That's not a pedestrian scale street light, it's short because it's under the approach into Midway. Notice the red light on the horizontal pole. As for the bus stop signs, don't rely on them. Many are not so detailed, and the ones that are were often put up years ago, and the CTA has modified a lot of routes and cut service hours and frequencies over the years. Incidentally, those first few pictures are my neighborhood, or close enough at any rate. :D You don't see many tourists getting off a plane and taking a stroll down 63rd St. with their camera. :rofl:

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I took those from inside the car. But I was impressed with the usage of the pedestrian scale lights throughout the city... they were downtown, and along our path from the hotel to the United Center, the Airport, and Convention Center. I was sure that was the thing in Chicago... and I was diggin' in. But if you say its not, I guess I'll have to take your word.

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Does the river in Chicago really stinks. If i am not mistaken Chicago was a native american word meaning stank river.

Actually, this is why the river was reversed. It pushed all of the polutants in the river downstream towards St. Louis instead of into Lake Michigan and through the rivers through downtown.

For a history lesson on the reversal of the Chicago river and the problems that were abundant before doing so, click here:


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OK OK!! Enough about the river!!

I think the Bus Signs could really help us to improve our system. There was also another picture I thought I had of a woman sitting at a bus stop waiting. I was very attracted to this particular feature.

I'll be working on doing a sample TalTran Bus Sign for us and then I'd like to be able to submit it to the city's TalTran department for consideration. You heard it here first people!

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