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As a resident of Lexington, us along with Davidson County don't get alot of talk on these fourms. So I thought maby this thread could be a area for county developments. Lately the only news coming out is of layoffs and plant closings. Lexington and Thomasville are still thriving cities. Denton, Welcome, Linwood and Midway all are major areahere in the county. Welcome along with Midway are growing becoming bedroom commuities for Winston and Lexington. Thomasville has really stepped up the plate with alot of new growth around Hwy. 109 and I-85 to the south of town. Also various compaines such as Unilin are moving into the T-ville area. As far as Lexington is concerened, Richard Childress has been our savyer. His new vineary has really thrived and his future plans sound even better. He and the city, recently broke ground on a new shopping complex along US 64. The area also will boast a hotel and better yet bring over 200 jobs to the city. Also to mention is that the new Walmart Supercenter is about to be complete.

Those are all of the major things I can thinck of right now. Just wanting to give yall some insight on whats going on here.

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I know that there is some development going on in extreme southern Davidson by High Rock and Badin Lakes due to the land being so cheap out there. Between Denton and Thomasville, NC 109 is currently undeveloped but can be a great place to present urban planning down there since NC 109 is largely controlled access (no direct access but with very few driveway permits for homes). Since its a wide road with a good shoulder length, providing turning lanes at just about every intersection, its not common on most 2 lane roads in the state to be like NC 109.

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Just an update too and old thread. I know much of Lexington so this is an update for there:

South Lexington/Southmount/Linwood:

Wal-mart opened the other month and is probley the biggest construction project in the city. It's located beside Lowes and near South Lexington Elementary. It's Wally Worlds new protype store and has a few extra features. Such as alot of pedestrian walkways and signals along with a gas station, tire shop, etc. It has brought with it a new development also. A small shopping center is being built beside it along Cotton Grove Rd. From my visit last week, the land had been cleared and dirt trucks were all around. Another phase of the Hwy 8 widing project is about to begain too. It's already been widing too about 4 lanes from Plaza Parkway to about 4 miles south of town.

Uptown/Central Lexington

Not much development but theres some. A BBQ resterant opeaned up downtown this past week. First BBQ stand uptown in decades. A new italian resterant is moving in up on Main St. and Southern Cursine has opened up a place uptown too. Last I heard construction on the replacement of the Center St. bridge was still under way for this year. Also the city approved the constuction of a new intermediate school(4 and 5th graders). The city concil is still debating in the idea to rename Talbert Blvd. too MLK Blvd. Talbert Blvd. is a major road in town and is a major commercial district too.

West Lexington

Richard Childress is taking over this part of town. His vineyards are making good business and the first phase of his shops are schedule to open up sometime dis spring. He also plans to build a hotel on the site. The city also approved a new subdivison that will feature about 110 townhome and 120 single family homes. All this construction is going on US 64 near the US 52(I-285) interchange. As for US 64 itself. It's interchange with BUS 85 is being reconstucted and BUS 85 is down to 1 lane in each direction.

Another mention of negativity is that PGT is leaving. Apparently they didn't have enough space here so they are moving there operations too Salisbury. The will be hiring more people and everyone will keep there job but now theres a commute.

Thats it for now, feel free too post any extra.

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Thomasville is finally getting it's first upper scale resturant. Ruby Tuesday's is building on Randolph Street (Hwy. 109) close to the I-85 exit ramp.

There are also plans to build a new motel in the same area.

Another big, but kind of secretative project that has been on going is the re-building of Finch Field, located on National Hwy on the north side of town. For those who are not familiar with Finch Field, it is a historical baseball stadium that has been around for years. After Thomasville's minor league team folded back in the 60's, the stadium went down hill. The original grandstand was wooden, and was destroyed by fire in the late 70's. The city basically threw up some concrete bleachers just to get by. Up until a few years ago, the field was only used by the High School team, so the concrete bleachers were ok. Since the re-birth of baseball in Thomasville with the return of the Hi-Toms, the old stadium was not suitable for the attendance that has been growing at a steady rate. The "new" Finch Field is ready for the 2006 season, and it is awesome. Hopefully over the next few days, I can get some pics to post.

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Thats great news for T-ville, but I also hear T-ville is broke. That could be over come tho. As for finch field, it's been awhile since i last stopped bye. Ill try to take a look next time I'm on old national. Lexington just got applebees just about two years back and that was one of our major new retailers. Hopefully we will spring up some more national retailers. T-ville is set in growth and it along with N. davidson i imagine are the fastest growning areas in the county. With High Points new school restruction plans, many people are looking at T-ville as a spot for relocation. But ethier way high point is sucking up t-ville. You can barely tell the difference when going down old national from when your in t-ville to high point. I think that helps suck alot of retail from t-ville.

Another development in Lexington is that the city is moving foward on it's plan to land an amtrak stop. The main problems now are what to do with the old depot in turns of renovation

Deal expects Amtrak to take "at least three months" to approve the rail stop, but he said both Amtrak and the North Carolina Railroad Co., which owns the depot, are "waiting on these letters, they really are. They're waiting on us."
As for the lease, Deal had proposed two ideas at the city council retreat in February to acquire the property. NCRR could renovate the building and spread the cost throughout the life of the lease, or NCRR could practically give the depot away for $1 per year, and the city can pay for renovations. Deal recommended the second option at the retreat.

But in the mean time, they will use the depot and the area around it as a open produce market threw out the upcoming summer. Sounds like a good idea for town. Anywaz holla at u guys later if i get any more info.

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Bumping up an old thread...heres an exciting new development. An old church downtown is being bulldozed to make way for a new mix-use development. Lanier Hardware is a large store that anchors uptown and is curently behind the idea.

Lanier proposes to erect a long red-brick building with space for eight retail shops or offices on the first floor and eight residential condos above. The downstairs spaces could be sold or rented separately or combined for someone needing more room. Plans call for the upstairs condos to have two bedrooms and two baths, with balconies on the front and back, and for two units to be handicapped-accessible, with an elevator to the second floor. There will be 37 parking spaces in front for business customers and 14 parking spaces in back for residential condo owners.

Here's the link ...Proposed Lanier Project

There still some debating going on but overall this is really good news. Hopefully it will spur some more growth downtown. It seems since we move to T-ville, the city is anoucing all these new developments. :yahoo:

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Lexington's first mix-use development is really rolling now a days. I took these pics about two week's ago but from a drive by earlier this week, I would expect the roof to be almost completed. I'll try to make it Uptown this weekend tho.






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I heard about the hotel announcement at the vinyard. great news! I actually work in Lexington near Welcome and I go through uptown Lexington almost on a daily basis. There is good potential uptown.

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The BB&T Soccer Park is actually of I-40 across the Yadkin River in Davie County. It's a nice facility that's being utilized quite a bit. Hopefully, as they are continually building/adding improvements it will be a showpiece for the area.
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One thing I have noticed about Davidson County and particularly in Lexington is that is hard to find a grocery store other than Food Lion....which makes sense because the area is so close to Salisbury.

But its great to see development going on in uptown Lexington. I still think Lexington needs to have a Cook Out. Lexington is bigger than Thomasville and Thomasville has a Cook Out.

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