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Storm chaos in western Norway


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Storm chaos in western Norway

Bergen - Norway

Norway's west coast was buffeted by the remains of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Nate on Tuesday night, with water levels closing roads and triggering mud and stones slides.

9 is injured, and one is dead after a mud slide burried 6 apartment in Bergen. The last 24 hours Bergen received 156mm precipitation, while other another place in western Norway received 179mm precipitation.

"There are enormous problems here," said operation leader Ragnar Lyssand of Hordaland police late Tuesday. "There is so much water in the roads that motorists risk getting water in their cars, so we have blocked the roads," Lyssand said. Many rivers is flooded and pieces of the mountains collapses because of the enourmes among of rain.

Bergen's largest shopping mall, Lagunen with over 100 stores is flooded, while another mall is about to collapse, after a river made its way through its first floor.

The tropical storms Maria and Nate is much weaker, and do not cause much wind, but they still contains just as much precipitation. Most wind recorded from the storms in Norway was 32m/s which is a weak hurricane force, and which is very usual at this time of the year.






From Palmafossen, a dam much overflooded.




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My! This damage looks very familiar to one such as myself living in North Carolina as we have similar damage from time to time that looks just like this. Hurricane Frances caused a great deal of damage in our mountains.

I had no idea however that hurricanes as they turn away from here are still so potent once they have crossed the N. Atlantic. My sympathies to those in Nowway affected by the storm.

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^ There were many storms and hurricanes before 1900. But it has been an increasing activity the latest years, with more and more powerfull storms and hurricanes.

Now, this storm died two, the woman which was burried a slide died after been on the hospital since the storm almost a week ago. That storm was named Kristin, while a new storm will give a lot of wind to northern Norway tonight and tomorrow. So far 4 storms has hit us in september, which is a record. Latest news sais Hurricane Ophelia is on the way north, but has now been decreased to a tropical depression.

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