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Question for photographers


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I like the composition with the three towers, especially since this steeple is usually shot with the Travelers Tower or reflected in the gold buldiing. The frame of the tree on the steeple was also serendipitous.

However, Is there a way to compensate (perhaps with white balance) for the church steeple being nearly blown out? Cityplace is also on edge, losing a lot of detail.

I know this photograph would look better if shot earlier in the morning. Is there an alternative to getting up sooner?

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Thanks. I appreciate your thoughtful answer.

I am familar with photoshop and that's the reason I shoot a little looser. You can always crop into the shot to find the framiing (I didn't here and agree with your comment).

Exposure is a tough one for me. But learning is part of the fun. Thanks.

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