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Hurricane K.

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Dear ALL People,

I'm sorry to be a pest but my cousin has lost EVERYTHING from her Dorm at Xavier University, from Hurricane Katrina. She is a Senior, this year and I would like to get her a FREE IPOD NANO, as a gift to cheer her up. She's been very depressed and has been crying and I really apreciate it y'all keep her and all of the Hurricane Victims in your prayerz Thank You URBAN PLANET


Gerald Joseph

May God Bless Y'all and all of the Hurricane Victims are in my prayers.

This site is totally legit and has been reviewed by CNN, FOX, and TechTV



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she's lost everything so now she has to move back home in suburban ATL. So plz don't thing tht I'm a spammer i'm just trying 2 get soupport for my Cousin in this time of need.

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