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kansas city cyclists


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how many of the kansas city folk on here bike to work or school, or at least ride a bike regularly?

i do, and unfortunately i have to ride on the sidewalk a lot of the time due to obnoxious and inconsiderate drivers...and its not like theres not enough space on the road, i mean this is kansas city...does anyone else get a lot of sh*t from the average kansas city motorist? i honestly don't feel safe riding on the street as i watch about every third driver talking on his or her cell phone in the morning and evening.

also: i was wondering if anyone could direct me to any kansas city bike advocacy websites...bikekc.org and .com seems to be under construction...

and also: does anyone know the status of the citys bike kc program?


it seems like the project has been stillborn. i can't even access a map of the bike routes, it doesnt work no matter what i try. in addition when i try to email the city about it through a link on that page, i get a return email saying that "[email protected]" doesnt exist....whats going on here?


still waiting on those bike lanes...


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I actually live near Detroit and not Kansas City but I see why you are so mad. I go on "biking adventures" where I go to abandoned places, downtowns and it does bother me to see so many people on their cell phones while driving. Another thing that annoys me is when there is no sidewalk so I am on the side of the road and people honk at me. What am I suppose to do when there is no sidewalk to ride on?

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Well, you're supposed to get off the road so they can burn gas in extra comfort :)

Here in Duluth (Minnesota!), I often commute to work by bike during the warmer months, and have had few problems. Drivers here are generally quite considerate, sometimes even seeming supportive, and the ones that are problematic are usually the same giving you trouble while you are behind the wheel.

There have also been many "bike route" markings in recent years. I really wonder who decided them at times, but it's cool to be in rural / suburban Hermantown and see signs pointing you to the Munger Trail, etc. several miles away.

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