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Best Illinois downtowns


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-Peoria is impressive for it's size. It still amazes me that an Interstate run thru it's downtown core,

like you see in bigger cities, with exits to it's downtown streets, etc.

-Joliet downtown is dense, I really like those bridges that cross the Des Plaines River;

they have a unique architecture to them; unusual looking.

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Elgin has the best downtown!

- Great inventory of historic buildings.

- Density is just right.

- Plenty of free parking.

- Great public facilities.

- Diverse community.

- Great Mexican restaurants

- Best public library in Illinois.

- Largest municipal recreation center in Illinois.

- Train station for 50 minute commute to downtown Chicago.

- Fox River runs through it.

- Most popular casino in Illinois.

- Proximity to huge forest preserves.

- Fox River bike trail.

- Elgin Symphony Orchestra.

- Good mix of luxury condos and affordable apartments.

- Lot of picturesque churches, including national historic landmarks.

And a ton of other stuff.

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