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Hi all. My wife and I are planning a little in-state trip tomorrow to check out your fine city. I'm pretty excited, and I do really like Charlotte from the few times I've been there. Being an outsider, there are always things the locals know that I might not. What are some things that really show off the area, and in general how would I get to them. I've heard of NoDa and Fourth Ward(?) on here, but have no idea where they are.


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You didn't really say what kinds of things you were looking for, but here are a few suggestions.

Noda is located North of downtown with its center being at Davidson St. and 36th street. My two favorite restaurants there, kellys and Fat city, have been razed, but Mushroom Pizza is pretty good. If you go there make sure to look at the ceiling.

If you want a little more adventure go to the Asian Mall. If you continue to head north from Noda on Davidson, stay on it until it dead ends into Sugar Creek. Turn left and the Asian mall will be a short way on the right. You can't miss it. There is very authentic Asian food there and make sure you checkout the New Century supermarket.

The electric Trolley downtown is a good way to see a good bit of the skyline and it only cost $ or so to ride. You can ride it from 9th street all the way to South End. You can park in the 7th Street station parking deck. In this photo, the taller building by the tracks with the blue panels is the parking deck. The building will play music for you if you know the trick to coax it into doing so. The train will pass by Phat Burrito and Prices Chicken Coop if you want some good food to eat.


If you want to see a pretty nice city park, I would recommend going to Freedom Park on Saturday afternoon and nearby East Blvd has a few nice places to go to.

If you are looking to see some of the shopping the two interesting ends of the scale are SouthPark Mall, and Concord Mill Mall. Concord Mills is fairly unique in NC especially with its NASCAR ties. SP is unique because of its over the top expensive shopping. A new mall just opened in Charlotte, but I haven't been there so I can't recommend it.

There are also several lakes in the area. If you are interested in that, let me know and I will post some stuff here on that.

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here would be the driving tour i'd take starting at the trade street exit of 77 (heading east).

- drive down Trade to see J&W and Gateway village developments (all within last 5 yrs)

- turn left on graham to see the density developing along this corridor

- turn right on 10th and then right on Poplar to head into historic 4th ward (depending on where you are from, you may be disappointed with how small the historic area is, though, so be warned)

- Turn left on 7th to drive across Tryon and see the trolley line, imaginon, courtside, etc.

- Turn left onto Davidson street to drive around 1st ward to see the revitalized neighborhood only a decade since the worst public housing projects in the state were razed.

- Turn right on 10th and go to the bottom of the hill then shimy around to myers to get to turn right on 9th street by the school.

- Go around the roundabout to go left on davidson

- turn right on 6th and follow to Tryon Street (see courtside, trolley, arena, hearst tower, carolina theatre, etc.)

- turn left on tryon to see the skraper canyon and people.

- keep going down tryon to south end and where it seems to fork, turn left on Camden St.

- follow Camden to see South End's main street and trolley line (price's chicken coop is here for some yummy soul food)

- turn left at dead end at tremont and see Atherton Mill (you can get on the historic trolley from here for a couple bucks roundtrip. it is a popular touristy thing to do.)

- turn left on south boulevard

- turn right on E. Park Ave and follow around latta park

- turn left on Dilworth Road East to see historic dilworth

- turn hard right on e. morehead street by covenant presby church

- turn right on kings street by carolina medical center (little sugar creek greenway will be built soon around there)

- go straight where it becomes to Queen's Road West and follow through the stately oaks and old mansions.

- turn left on selwyn

- go straight where it becomes Queen's Road follow until you get to Myer's Park methodist church at the famous corner of Queen's, Providence, Queen's and Providence.

- turn left to stay on queen's

- turn right on to Granville and then left on hermitage road to see more wealthy Myer's Park, including the Duke Mansion on your left at the ardsley intersection.

- turn right onto Queen's

(incidentally, all these queen'seses are the route of the old trolley in the early 20th century, and the little stone archways throughout the neighborhood are the old trolley stops)

- go straight onto Hawthorne and see Presbyterian hospital (elizabeth avenue to your left will be revitalized over the next few years)

- keep going on Hawthorne past 7th Street/Independence Park and see Elizabeth neighborhood

- Turn right on Central to see plaza-midwood/central avenue business district (there are some good restaurants like Penguin on Thomas St)

- turn left on The Plaza to see historic Plaza-Midwood neighborhood

- turn left on Parkwood to see the struggling neighborhood of Belmont and a fairly cool skyline image from the hill near the Belmont Community Center.

- Turn right on N Davidson Street at the yellow sculpture by Cordelia Park

- follow N Davidson Street past Highland mill into the heart of NoDa at 36th St.

Possibly turn left on 36th street and then left on N Tryon Street to get back uptown.

down Trade street from 77 through to elizabeth ave

- drive down Tryon Street

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If you're into music, check out Manifest, located on South Blvd a little to the south of Tyvola. I love that place.

And if you're driving from Noda to the Asian mall and you're in the mood for some unhealthy but delicious homestyle food, stop at the Chicken Box on N Tryon St. I love that place too.

And if you're inclined to walk around NoDa at all, I'd take a stroll down 35th. It's a nice walk.

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If you're going to explore the area around Charlotte, I reccommend a trip to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont. First of all, Belmont is a great little town on the Catawba River (about 12 miles west of Charlotte on I-85) and the gardens are pretty impressive. They're also fiming a new Wil Farrel movie in Belmont, so there might be some star-sightings.

You could really be adventurous and take the PTL "Jim and Tammy Bakker" tour down in Ft Mill. Kinda scary. Looks like a ghost town with high-rises.

Enjoy your visit!

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just because i'm a nut and its friday afternoon... here is an aerial map of those directions i gave above. (btw, if you are including asian mall, you'll want to go a little further north on N Tryon, and if you are doing Manifest Records you'll have to go WAY south on South Blvd)



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^ Cool map dubone - next time I'm in Charlotte I'll be sure to hit the 'Dubone Scenic Trail of Charlotte'. I haven't traveled through the northeast side of Downtown nearly enough, as well as 3rd Ward.

Queens College area is a no brainer - there aren't many other neighborhoods that are so stunning...

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^  Is that South Boulevard?  The shopping center just looks familiar (like shopping centers are unique or something)...

But the Asian-American community have done a fantastic job nationally regarding suburban redevelopment.


asian mall is at north tryon and sugar creek north of noda

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Ah, I see - I was totally off.  Sorry to waste your time with my dumb question then :)


Indeed :P The mall was originally known as the Tryon Mall. It is a real enclosed mall despite the appearance of being just a strip mall as those found on S. Blvd. Many of the stores have entrances directly to the parking lot as well as access to the interrior.

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