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Coweta or Fayette


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In all honesty - I don't like my choices, but I'll give my opinion anyways. Fayette on one hand could be considered as a better planned county, because of Peachtree City being a fully planned city. But I don't believe in 'planned is always better', because it could be argued that metro Atlanta is in it's predicament BECAUSE it was over planned in the 1950's & 1960's. As for Coweta County, almost half of it is still undeveloped, so that is a good thing but more importantly the town of Newnan is surprisingly very historic & beautiful. Of course that is a 1/2 mile to a mile around downtown, outside of that it's typical sprawl.

I'll vote for Coweta County b/c of Newnan - which would make a great commuter rail suburb.

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If I had to choose between the two I would choose Fayette.

My decision is based purely on.......

In order of importance.

1) schools

2) retail options

3) parks and recreation

4) dining options

5) all the lakes that dot PTC

The one con for Fayette, which is a pro for Coweta is interstate access. Fayette, especially PTC is far from interstates.

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