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Shanghai construction and development thread


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Shanghai construction and development thread

Shanghai is China's leading city in development projects and thousands of buildings is been built. This thread contains a number of them, starting with the most attractive one, Shanghai World Financial Center.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai - China

Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Developer: Mori Building Corporation

Construction company: China State Construction and Engineering Corporation

Structural engineering: Leslie E. Robertson Associates

+ Several more construction firms and architect firms and companies is involved.

Shanghai World Financial Center ( 上海環球金融中心 ) is a 95-story, 495m tall project and contains two distinctly formal elements: a sculpted tower and a podium. Corresponding to the Chinese conception of the earth as a square and the sky as a circle, the interaction between these two geometric forms gives shape to the tower. The project relates to its context through an abstract language that attempts to symbolically incorporate characteristics meaningful to the traditions of Chinese architecture, but is not limited to pictorial or image-based historical precedents.

The primary form of the tower is devised as a square prism intersected by two sweeping arcs, tapering into a single line at the apex. The gradual progression of floor plans generates configurations which are ideal for offices on the lower floors and hotel suites above. At the same time, the transformation of the plan rotates the orientation of the upper portion of the tower toward the Oriental Pearl TV tower, the area's dominant landmark, a fifth of a mile away.

To relieve wind pressure, a 164-foot (50 meter) cylinder is carved out of the top of the building. Equal in diameter to the sphere of the television tower, this void connects the two structures across the urban landscape. Wall, wing and conical forms penetrate through the massive stone base of the tower. The varied geometries of these smaller elements lend human scale, and organize the complexities of pedestrian movement at the point of entry, complimenting the elemental form of the tower.

Th tower started construction in 1997, but had a delay from 1998 and 2001. The tower is now under construction and is expected to be completed in 2007.

Please view this thread to see the latest construction updates from this project.








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Hongyi Building

Shanghai - China

Located above one of Shanghai's busiest subway stations, and serving as a gateway to the famous Nanjing Road shopping district, this project is a retail and entertainment destination that also offers prime office space in one of the city's most predominant commercial locations.



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Lujiazui Financial Centre

Lui Jia Zui - Shanghai

In a sea of skyscrapers, Lui Jia Zui distinguishes itself as a sustainable "cube" with expansive views of the Huangpo River and Shanghai. Two glass-enclosed buildings are paired to form a larger, perfectly cube-shaped second "skin," increasing energy efficiency throughout the structure. The office wings create ridge walls around a cascading forest of trees: an urban oasis in busy Pudong.



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Jian Guo Xi Lu

Shanghai - China

A new large project from Shanghai, with several residential and commercial towers up to 40 stores. This project which is under development as far as i know will content several residential towers from 18 to 40 floors. The total residential size is to become 124,084sqm, with 771 apartmants. This project also includes some retail and commercial area. The project is plann to be completed in 2008.





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TG Harbour View

Yin Cheng Road/Dong Chang Road - Lu Jia Ju District

Client : Top Glory International Holdings Ltd.

Project : TG Harbour View Apartment

Location : Shanghai, PRC

GFA : 97,000m2

Site Area : 24,315m2

Completion Year : 2005

TG Harbour View Apartment is located between Yin Cheng Road and Dong Chang Road in the heart of Lu Jia Ju District in Shanghai, with spectacular views towards the Huang Pu River. The site area for the apartment is 24,315 m2. The development includes top-end high-rise apartment buildings, residents

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Shanghai Shidong Power Headquarters

This is the proposed Shanghai Shidong Power Headquarters. The American architect firm MulvannyG2 Architects is behind this 19 story headquarter which contrasts a circular courtyard base with an angular structure covered in a multi-faceted facade. A spire-shaped communications tower atop the building is illuminated at night.




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Zhongrong Jasper Tower

Yincheng Road East - Shanghai

Status: Under Construction

Architect: Gresham, Smith and Partners

Located in the Lu Jia Zui Financial District of Shanghai, this 48-story, 800,000 square foot/ 100 000sqm, office building includes a four-story retail podium at the base of the tower. The top four levels have meeting rooms, restaurants and private clubs which include a sky garden atrium with a spectacular view of the river below.

The 200m tall tower started construction in 2003 and is expected to be completed in 2006.


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North Bund International Cruice Terminal

North Bund - Shanghai

Status: Proposal

Architect: John Portman & Associates

This approximately 5,112,857 square foot (475,000 square meter) development is designed to fit into the overall urban fabric and, at the same time, be distinct. The Center Tower is the dominant structure on the site and, as such, sets the tone for the rest of the development. Reaching 1053 feet (321 meters) into the sky, the tower gracefully twists to create a form that is evocative in profile of the fortuitous number 8.

Its confident presence on the Shanghai skyline will be attractive to tourists and inspiring to residents. The twist is also indicative of a change of function within the building. The upper portion holds a hotel, while the lower part contains offices. Two smaller towers, both rectilinear in form, complement each other and harmonize with the center tower. One features prime office space, while the other offers serviced apartments.


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