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Mauldin | Former Dow Chemical Plant

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Greenville Journal (Vol. 7 #38, 16-Sep-2005) had an article on the former Dow chemical plant. The facility closed more than a decade ago. The property has been unused since.

The City of Maudlin plans to revitalize US 276 and SC 417 within the next few years. Highly noticeable on your way in from Interstates 185 or 385, it would be nice to see something done with this site.

Since it was a chemical plant, would all residue have to be cleaned up?

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Dow Chemicals still own the plan with no immediate plans to sell, reopen, or revitalize the facility.

Personally, I would like to see the site cleaned up of any hazardous materials. A developer should come along with plans for some shopping center. I would advise the US 276/SC 417 intersection be improved before doing that.

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I could really get behind putting an outdoor mall in that area, seeing that the rail line is right behind it. I could just imagine that area in 15 years. Get off the train to go shopping, hop back on, go to dinner in downtown Greenville. The type of outdoor mall I'm thinking about is one in Jacksonville, FL, St Johns Town Center.

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