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The next reason that property taxes will rise

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Judge orders Florence to hire architect for new judicial center

Stepping aside the merits or needs of improved security are Courthouses and judicial centers, this is my projection of how this issue will be handled.....

This judge's actions will be merely one of the first such requests around the state. The Legislature will get heat from the judiciary to require new safeguards and improvements in security in all courthouses, judicial centers, etc. These judges, many of whom are ex-legislators themselves, will succeed in getting the General Assembly to make such requirements law. Furthermore, the legislature will NOT provide any funding for such expenses. All SC counties cities and towns having no choice but to comply, will spend the money to do so. Having few sources of revenue other than property taxes under their control, these same local governments will raise property taxes to pay for this work.

The populace at large, largely oblivious to this chain of events, will then rant and rave about property taxes going up. Since property taxes are levied at the local level, a number of county and city councilmen will lose their seats in the subsequent elections. Futhermore, the members of the legislature will not acknowledge their own hand in the situation. However, they will hold public hearings around the state to show their concern about "runaway" property taxes. Then they will in some way restrict or reduce property taxes by state fiat most likely without compensating for the loss of revenue.

All this presents quite a dilemma for local politicos, but helps assure continued re-election and buck-passing by the legislature.

Notice that I said this was a projection and not a prediction. That is because this would not be an original event, but merely history repeating itself.

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