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State Capitol Buildings


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I love New York's. Here is Tennessee's.

Okay, nevermind. I've tried about five times now, and it doesn't want to work. Just google it under images, and you'll see it.

If someone will explain to me how to do it, then I'd be willing to.


Try this:


To get this:


While I am at it, here are some of Georgia's:

From Google:


--With the ever-existant scaffolds around the top:


--And a nice postcard of it from the early 20th century:


From me when I wentup the Westin Peachtree:


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Yup, this thread comes up from time to time...

I love the Pennsylvania building!

Here is my own shot of the RI capitol in Providence during a foggy night...


And RI's capitol again during sunset, another of my own shots...


Here is Madison, WI's similar capitol...



- Garris

Providence, RI

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