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IN PROGRESS: Front Street @ Adriaen's Landing


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no word on the identities of the new leases, but there are absolutely 2 new signed leases as you indicated.


The one next to teds is pretty large, the one in the new building is smaller.  if I were to guess id say the smaller one is some kind of subway or duncan donuts type


the larger one would likely be a resturant based on its footprint

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The leasing map just goes to show how TERRIBLE of a design the first phase was!!!

I mean really really really terrible If you have gone down Arch you know what I mean... its one way and decidedly crouwed by the garage.


this COULD have been fantastic street facing retail space with arch street and bears across from it making it both old and new.. it SHOULD have included street parking. instead its like a rushed crowded dead strip of road. that then leads to an entrace thats still garage crouded.


Again no retail on the right after you turn... I mean... its terrible in so many ways. this is a corner location dedicated to a PARKING GARAGE


That retail space A5 is also terrible.. who wants that? If the roads allowed street parking at least it might be more attractive. I hope in 10 years someone tears down that block and builds a proper building there with a fully wrapped garage and residential above...






I think C7 is the space intended for a UCONN bookstore BTW


also Id love to see some kind of irish pub or sumular up in B1   something inviting and not too corporate that pulls folks from main street and travelers plaza

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I could have sworn that one night I saw the FroyoWorld logo in A2. It was just the one time that I saw it there. At 3371 sq ft, that would seem to be too big for a froyo place. Their website recommends having a space between 1200-2000 sq ft. Does anyone know how big the sweetFrog space is in West Hartford Center? Also, what do you think a good fit would be for A5? How about a club?

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The University will hold an official groundbreaking ceremony at the Hartford Times building on Monday, May 18.


The board also approved the purchase of a nearby structure, located at 38 Prospect Street, to provide additional academic space to the downtown campus. The cost of purchasing the building is included in the design budget. UConn officials say the acquisition is further evidence of the University’s commitment to Hartford. And it may allow UConn to start developing its presence there in advance of opening the main building.



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I thought the Lofts on Front Street were suppose to open in July? Obviously that ain't happening. Does anyone know when they are scheduled to start renting apartments?  That wiill help both the economy and optics of Front Street.

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I was down there today, and funny thing that!

I didnt even look at the apartment, which I normally do.  mainly because I was more interestefd in the obvious work happening at UCONN


so here is by guess, its this month because that building has looked mostly done for a while and 3-4 weeks ago i was over by the travelers plaza and you could tell they were getting the sidewalks ready etc.

leasing office is going to be in the building on the corner closest to Teds

So my guess is that they need to do some work on Uconn, and then move all those construction fences essentially re-opening the road before people move in.


I dont see a direct leasing site but 3rd party sites are listing the units



anyways, the lot by Arch street is now half fenced in likely for UCONN construction and that will allow for full site construction and of course the re-opening of the road.


that said, Arch street is telling bears customers to move along and park elsewhere



I do totally agree that those residents will kick thew whole area up a notch.



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Some news on the opening of Front Street Lofts.

WFSB Channel 3 is excited to announce its partnership with The Big Mo’ 2015 which will take place on Oct. 3. Slated as the major fund raising event for Riverfront Recapture, this event aims to celebrate the positive changes in Hartford and East Hartford with a focus on locations near the River.

Big Mo’ 2015 will be introducing the new lofts located on Front Street. There will be tours of a roof-top terrace as well as the apartments. Tenants will begin moving into the apartments immediately following the Big Mo’.

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