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Red Ronnie


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Did Ronald Regean really destroy Communism or did he just go into business with it?

Vladimir Putin showed up in Washington, DC recently to talk with the President.

What was he talking about? President Bush was talking about Hurricane Katrina while Putin did what he does best - he stood there with his mouth shut.

I have read that each day in Moscow over 14 people are hit by cars and that 300 pedestrians have been killed this year.

There is news that a sort of political party that features skin heads, white supremacy and Russian superiority is growing.

But what was Putin in the United States for?

Russia is one of the world

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I'm not sure what press conference you were watching but the one I saw on CSPAN had Putin address the "Hurikane Katrin" disaster and pledge support and prayers to the American people on it not once but I believe on three different occasions.

Putin is not the best guy to run an "emerging democracy" but to put this in a thread marked "Red Ronnie"?

If Reagan was red then Bobby Bowden is dreaming about Miami winning the national championship every night, you don't do the things he did and be red. Saying so really doesn't improve your credibility.

Ask the Soviets NOT the Russians . . . the actual Soviet leaders at the Iceland conference and they will tell you who ended the Cold War.

Who is it again you are citing for this thread? If there is someone out there with the resume to contradict Soviet leaders at the 1980's Iceland Summit, it would be very interesting to me. You do have some good points on the fact that Putin and the undercurrent in Russia aren't great signs, but it would take a lot to have another Cold War, most importantly because Reagan bankrupted the regional military goldchest over there.

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I have to agree.  There are a lot of parallels between Putin, Bush (Jr & Sr.) and Reagan.


Mr Bush is just playing world police and hurting some human rights by doing so. He is a populist and he knows how to wind people around his finger.

But Mr. Putin is different. He is hitting human rights with his feet.

Let's take a look at Chechnya wich wanted to become independant after the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991). But Russia didn't like this, because of oil related issues. So Moscow sent troops there to bring peace to the Chechnya people.


One day the USA attacked Afghanistan. The result was, that many islamic terrorists went to Chechnya and started operating from there. Russia can now freely act in Chechnya and kill terrorists. Did i mention, that Russian troops make no difference between some people who just want independence and the islamic terrorists. All in the name of freedom.

Media is censored in Russia, journalists are killed.

Now Mr Putin even wants to change the law, so he can longer be president.

There is a difference between Mr Bush and Mr. Putin.

Mr Bush is a small child, but Mr. Putin is very close to a dictator.

I can't understand why so many countrys keep such good connections to Russia. I presume it's the oil that keeps the critics low.

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