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John, this is great. Thanks for joining in. Sorry we haven't been more active lately, but as the guys have said, things have been a bit busy lately.

I'm a fan of great landscapes and try to do my own, but my amateur nature boldly goes where no true architect would go...or would want to. lol. I look forward to your input on your specialty areas.

Once again, welcome, welcome, welcome.

Ironically, I was just reading Metro Ordinance No. BL2005-763, the "tree ordinance" etc.

Maybe I need a good mystery novel. :)

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Thanks for all the replies. We are working on a couple interesting projects in and around Nashville that I could keep you posted on (i.e. East Nashville Civic Square, Downtown Gallatin Revitalization, and a couple of loft projects like Bristol at West End and Midtown Lofts).

We're slammed with work around this area, it's pretty exciting!

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East Nashville Civic Square has to get approved in the Metro budget first. Public Works is beotching because it would cut into their budget. But if it gets put in the budget it will be built for sure.

It would be an great addition for East Nashville, the proposed project would really tie that neighborhood together and let people enjoy the great architecture that surrounds the space instead of flying by in a car.

Also we are proposing infill development around the square with a pedestrian oriented feel, it could be nice!

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