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In case you haven't heard American Idol is coming to Greensboro, due to the cancilation of the Memphis auditions. It suprised me when I heard this as you would thinck they would show up in Charlotte or Raleigh, but o well. But really, how do you thinck this will effect the triad. They currently expect 15,000 people to show up.

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Yup, Simon, Paula and Randy will be in Greensboro. The city and its audition will be on national tv and I think its good exposure for Greensboro. The more Greensboro gets its name out there the better. That helps say to the nation that Charlotte and Raleigh arent the only urban cities in NC. This won't be the first time Greensboro receieved national attention on the show. In 2004, the Greensboro Coliseum hosted an American Idol viewing party for High Point's Fantasia Barrino. Coliseum video shots packed with people were broadcast on the finale show. Hopefully with the auditions coming to Greensboro, they'l show some skyline shots on the show in January. Usually when they show host cities on the show, they always show a skyline shot of the city the auditions are in. The Auditions will begin Oct. 3rd and info about the audition in Greensboro is already on the American Idol website www.idolonfox.com

BTW I hear that a Greensboro resident that auditioned in another city made it to the next rounds after Simon, Paula and Randy judged him.

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I heard thousands showed up, more than expected. It should have a great economic impact on the city with the hotels, restaurants and retail establishments. Not to mention that Greensboro will get national attention when the auditions are aired on the show in January. The ones who made it past todays round will move on to the next round at the Greensboro Marriott Downtown. Simon, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson will be coming to Greensboro Wednesday or Thursday to send the finalist to Hollywood.

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