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The next hot US housing markets?


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Wow, didnt know Jacksonville houses are so much more cheaper than Orlando. I need to move there.


After this hurricane season, I wonder if places along the Florida coast or gulf coast will will continue to see rising demand -- makes me think AZ or NV might be a better buy.

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What that article doesn't say is that the CURRENT median housing price in the Phoenix metro area is 250k. A 40% increase over last year. It also doesn't tell you that the CURRENT median home price in the Jacksonville area is 187k. When looking at numbers, the median is always a better indicator than an average b/c you can have numbers that skew and average on the high end or low end. I when I saw Phoenix at the top of that list I about feel out of my chair laughing. It appears that they averaged the median prices for a 5 yr period.

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Where did they buy their house?

(northern) fairfield county, ct (danbury,ct in particular), and there is significantly cheaper than the rest of the county (such as greenwich and fairfield) and is just as far from NYC (1 hr by train). it is just as far from the city as most of long island, but its alot nicer and a little bit cheaper too.

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