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Falcon City of Wonders


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I read about Dubai's exponential rise these past years and its explosion into the international scene, and then I think back to what HH Sheikh Mohammed once said. Paraphrasing his quote: "All these developments in Dubai that you see, these are only 10% of my final vision for this city". And then, you fall upon Dubai's latest project, the Falcon City of Wonders, and you also wonder: damn, if this is still part of the 10 percent, what in the name of all that is holy are you planning to do with this city???

Following article courtesy of www.luxist.com:

So they already have the World, what

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After seeing all the ads of this development on TV and my friends calling me up about it, I did some searching around for the video online but couldnt find anything.

The Falcon City website has a trashy design and it makes me wonder, if they have all that money for the project, you would expect them to have done a good website. Anyway, I found this link useful.

Falcon City of Wonders - TEN Real Estate

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A theme park based on the wonders of the world is a great idea but this project is just a bunch of tacky villas and shops. There is a small theme park there but they need to get rid of all the villas and put this there instead. There are already more than enough res developments in dubailand and dubai in general. What dubailand surprisingly doesn't have yet is a megapark full of the scariest, tallest rollercoasers imaginable. If falcon city was turned into this, it would be one of the best projects there. Unfortunately it's not, it's just a res and shopping project, something which is abundant in Dubai

I remember I used to love rollercoastertycoon and I'm thinking of the crazy rides I could build using a wonders of the world theme :D

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