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Levine Children's Hospital


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according to the bizjournal, the fundraising is going well, and should be built and open in spring 2007.

this project doesn't get much attention, but it is one of those facilities that brings people to just outside of downtown charlotte from around the region and state.

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One of the more interesting new buildings in Charlotte. 

Funny, have you ever noticed how (regardless of year built), hospital additons never follow the architectual style of earlier hospital campus buildings?  Doesn't matter which city you go to,  they're always different.


that is true. in some cases it is a crying shame, because it detracts from the campus feel of the hospital, and it some cases the additions are really ugly. in this case, it seems to allude to the original hospital with its greenish glass, but otherwise, i agree it is pretty interesting in design.

It'll look out on the little sugar creek greenway, so when it is done, it'll have a nice front yard.

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gosh, after looking back at this thread, it is waay old (lol, everyone seems to have been banned  :unsure: ).

Anyway,  here is the link about the hospital:


and here is the rendering


according to the website, this project is going to serve a 28-county region surrounding charlotte.


I love the way it's gonna look, glassy and colorful.. great design and it'll mask some of the uglyness of the medical center haha

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I dunno, the design is so, so different from the rest of CMC, it just I dunno how it goes witwh the rest of the building, its like 6000 Fairview meets Bell South Switch building with a hint of mint and a splash of trees, its just whatever, I think it was hersheys that said change is good.

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