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Weehaw Tract


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Georgetown is planning a new community on the Weehaw Tract. Just thought you might be interested in it, as the community will house 35,000 people. It will be similar to the Carolina Forest area in Horry County.

Newspaper Articles:

Georgetown asks itself what it wants from Weehaw - Thursday, September 22, 2005


Weehaw Tract vote postponed for more study - Friday, September 23, 2005


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Agreed. Carolina Forest in Horry County already has traffic problems. Not only will Weehaw pose traffic problems on US 17, but parts of it border US 701. Imagine the traffic that it will pose on a two-lane road. <_<

At least Georgetown is welcome on input about what it wants from Weehaw. International Paper kinda ploped Carolina Forest in what once was a quiet forest.

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Of course I can't judge the project based on this zone map, but there are some elements that could make it a beneficial project. Particularly, the village center is directed closest to Georgetown & includes a school & park. Also the two other commercial sections may be small enough to be developed as neighborhood service centers. At least this is what I am hoping.

What I'm really curious - when looking at the other map showing Georgetown overview - is what if anything is planned on being developed between this & Georgetown proper. Also of course what varieties of densities will be included, hopefully higher density around the village center?


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