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Should Charlotte(Meck county) attract more commerce

Should Charlotte(Meck county) attract more commerce   15 members have voted

  1. 1. Should Charlotte attract the majority of the commerce in the metro

    • Yes Charlotte should get more commerce
    • No let the metro counties attract major commerce

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I have read alot about metro sizes of SE cities and I began to think what is it Charlotte is lacking or what circumstance the QC is in. I do believe the ME(metrolina empire) is sandwhiched between several strong metros and therefore can't dominate the region. However I still think that there are opportunities for Charlotte to concentrate the overall commerce in the region. Some forumers pointed out that Iredell county residents don't really need to commute to Charlotte for jobs. So I got to wondering why. So I pose this question-should Charlotte be the ultimate focus for industry, retail etc...maybe its metro size would be a bit larger if that was the case MSA size I mean.

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If you are asking, should all the jobs go to Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties become nothing more than bedroom cities for CLT, then it will never happen. Everyone of these places has a vested interest in continuing to develop into more that suburban dullness.

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