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Famed Lionel Richie has state he is ready to return home to Alabama


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Lionel Richie has state he is ready to return home to Tuskegee after retirement to open a buisness. Richie a Tuskegee native attended a minority buisness workshop held by the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is promoting entrepreneurial diversity including workshops, networking events and lectures. Richie says he would even like to have some businesses in this area. Lionel Richie says, "what do you want to do? what do you want to get involved in after you retire? and my answer is probably going to be follow me down south. I'll show you some places and we can be there. I'll tell you right now it's going to be technology." Although he can't be specific about what type of business he wants to go into, richie says manufacturing is a good area.

This is all good news for the city of Tuskegee. Recently the famed evangulist William (Bill) Winstion a native of Tuskegee announced the he has bought the citys struggling Fords Crossing Shopping Center and is bringing it up to standards and promoting the facility. Reverand Winston already owns a shopping center in chicago that is home to k-mart, tj max, and many other major stores. Winstion has stated that the upgrade of the shopping center would be under way by the end of this year and competed by september of 2006.

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