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Atkins ready to move forward with condo plans


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***Moderator's Edit: The rumor of Atkins dropping out is just that, a rumor***

Atkins ready to move forward with condominium plans



The UrbanJax blog site says there's a rumor going around that Atkins may be dropping out of its negotiations for the Haydon Burns site. :( If true, then the second place proposal (Peterbrooke) may finally end up with the 100k of cheap space that they've been wanting to expand for their manufacturing operations.:angry:

Can anyone verify this?


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Well, wasn't there that rumor of environmental contamination? That might be a reason for Atkins to drop out. There's also been rumors from the start that the mayor's negotiators doubted Atkins' numbers and ability to pull it off. But all of that sounds like pure conjecture at this point. I wouldn't take anything seriously until I see it in the papers.

Also, if Atkins drops out, a lot of people will be in a big rhetorical bind. I distinctly remember people up in arms that Jenkins or other city officials would dispute the JEDC committtee suggestions. Their argument was that the JEDC made it's choice, we should abide by it, period. Well, if Atkins drops out, Peterbrooke becomes JEDC's new best choice. By that logic, it goes to Peterbrooke, no questions.

Personally, if Atkins drops out, I'd rather see TheUrbanCore's team get another shot. But I'm guessing the city would open negotiations with Peterbrooke.

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lol ... well, I think the rumor was that there are contaminated oil tanks underneath the building. In other words theres no actual contamination right now, but if you demo the building, the Feds are probably going to make you pay for environmental mitigation.

Jacksonvillian was the one who mentioned it in the first place ... maybe he can give details.

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Please note.. The following announcement is a RANT



This realy burns me to no end. there are only three types of people in Jax when it comes to redevolpment of the Library site.

1) Largest Majority, by far. This group could care les what happens to the library. They may not have even been in the library since it opened. Ambivolent to the over all designs and the few that are even aware of it are more inclided to say, hmm, all these proposals look cool to me. The rest are like, You mean there is a library down town?

I bet this group is near 70% the population of jax

2) Largest Minority, These are the ones that support the proposal for atkins. Nothing much realy to describ it. Personally, me and a few others have some lawn chairs and a couple of beers set up outside waiting for the grat implosion... (BURN BABY BURN!!!!) ild say this group is about 20-25% of the population

3) the last and absolutly smallest group is the save the bad art foundation. (im sorry thats what it is. Ive seen variations on that design more times than i can count. ITS NOT UNIQUE OR ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE. Hell, look across the street from 1000 Riverside, its not as Arts, but its the same concept. AND THATS WITHIN 4 MILES OF THE LIBRARY) (sorry about that) anyway... these people want the library to be saved at any cost. They have brought up every issue of continsion in order to save it. if the city council is any indication, maybe 5-10% of the population support this.

5-10% people

i dont know about any one else, but that is a TINY number. However, they have been so backhanded and below the belt that now Atkins is thinking about pulling out???? This is rediculous. I mean it realy and absolutly is. I remember someone mentionig on this board maby about a year back about how Providence RI was having a construction boom, then the city council started to micro manage too many of the projects and killed the boom. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SI HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN JAX. Just look at the number of projects either on hold or canceled due to VERY SMALL agencies in the city government wanting to micro manage. We have height limits at the beaches, must meet these requirements in the city, must not p- off this group, must suck another groups.... if 5 people disagree with something it gets shunted into commitee for 10 years. If Jacksonville is where florida begins, its a horrible example. I love this city, and would do everyhting in power to see it become a national power house. but i hate what is happening to it.


Rant done...


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I guess its all a rumor. In today's paper, Suzanne Jenkins withdrew her bill Tuesday that would have given landmark status to the Haydon Burns Library, because the rest of the council didn't support it. The Atkins deal is still on schedule and should come before the DDA next month and the City Council for vote by the end of January. The JEDC also is confident that Atkins will be able to make the $5 million transaction.


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^No Klutho died at the age of 91 in 1964. By this time, he was long forgotten and near poverty, so the story goes that only 6 people attended his funeral. The Haydon Burns was constructed in 1965.

Wow, how sad. Six people, sounds like just the pall bearers. A least he didn't live to see his city hall destroyed.

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