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Saving the Green

Lady Celeste

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Greenspace Preservation Initiative recieves $100 million pledge from Gov. Sonny Perdue.

This topic would have been apropos in either the Atlanta or the Georgia forum. I decided to place it here because in metro Atlanta the necessity to preserve green space is paramount. I also placed it in the Atlanta section because according to the article in the AJC, half the money

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Perdue has again changed his mind AGAIN about greenspace, evidentally his pollsters informed him that it is a good platform to support... (some cynicism)

So Perdue makes it more paltipable & politically easier to swallow - though I'm supportive of preserving greenspace in rural areas, it isn't addressing the problem that we are quickly losing greenspace in metro Atlanta at a fast rate. But this will be interesting to see if Perdue takes the spotlight away from what Barnes did partially contribute already... (more cynicism)

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