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How about some '03 Honolulu photos (2)

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^Ooh awesome thanks monsoon!

Allan, yes Honolulu does have a height limit but it depends on the area of the city but i think the max is 400ft however there are a couple of exceptions i think it all the depends on the design that exceed the max the First Hawaiian tower at 429ft or 438ft depending on the source and Nauru Tower at 418ft there is another underconstruction the Hokua tower which is supposed to top out at 418ft and theres a chance that the two approved Moana Pacific towers that are set to be built across the street from me just might be a bit higher *finger crossed* :P

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^It sure is but when people seem to think of Honolulu they automatically think Waikiki little do they know that theres so much more to the city yet to be explored!

BTW there are a few Honolulu forumers at SSP ive invited a couple to come over here but i havent seen them yet one is 808RSX he posts every now and then another is Paulo which is actually in the construction industry and is working on one of the residential towers in Waikiki called the Lanikea but he rarely ever posts and if he does its usually in the Latin American section i think he is originally from South America and there was one other guy but he dissapeared haha. Actually both 808RSX and Paulo i think are originally from some other country 808RSX is originally from wonderful Hong Kong.

BTW this is the project that Paulo is working on in Waikiki

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^Dang i was hoping youd have some pics that city has a awesome skyline :D Thats a nice pic btw. Also, ive been wondering if we can go into any of the buildings downtown and take pics looking down at the streets i think that would be cool, im just not sure about the security now a days?

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Okey Dokey! These are a little old but it gives you an idea


Part of Downtown towards the upper left of the pic


The industrial part of Kaka'ako


The Ala Moana area - the big triangular lot is where the new 3 level urban Wal-Mart/Sams Club is being built its set to open in the fall & the other empty lot towards the upper left is where two twin towers are going to be built

Also the parking you see on Ala Moana is the upper level parking lot its not a surface lot so breathe easy!


Part of Waikiki


Above Kapiolani Park


Hawaii Kai


and finally a larger view of the whole area


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