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August in West Palm Beach!


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OK, I thought I'd try posting some of my own pics. They're not the best quality but they'll give you an idea of beautiful Downtown West Palm Beach! I recently started college at Palm Beach Atlantic University, which has an urban campus, anchoring the southern end of downtown. It's awesome to finally live in a walkable, urban environment! CityPlace (shopping, dining, cinema) is only 5 blocks from campus.

Here's a cut/paste panorama of the view from my 7th floor dorm balcony. You can see Cityplace and the convention center:


In the foreground is the college chapel (built in 2001) with One City Plaza nearing completion in the background:


A cool alley pic... It's dorm canyon:


You can see the recently completed bridge to the island of Palm Beach. This is on Flagler Drive, the scenic avenue that runs parallel to the Intracoastal Waterway:


Disregard my goofy self in the foreground. You can see some urbanity in the background:


The new college library is under construction. Quite fun to watch! You can see my dorm building in the background:


Looking east from the the college parking garage:


Looking north from the garage. This view will be radically different once the 5-6 planned towers get built:


And my favorite pic for last... Office and condo towers gracefully lining Okeechobee Blvd:


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So Mr. Legend, now I'll recognize you if I pass you in the street, at CityPlace, or wherever. Especially if you're wearing that hat. :lol: Really good pics!!

We were taking pictures for awhile as 610 was being contructed. We'll have to start photographing again once we move downtown. My other half is good with the camera, and he'll have more time than me, so I'll have to convince him. Now we just have to actually get into the building. :rolleyes:

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