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Way cool website for Greenville History Buffs


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Thanks a bunch, NYT! It's funny to see Coffee cross Main to the west. ^_^

I think its cool to just pick one place, say Mast General or Soby's and see what has been in that building through the years. Too bad it doesn't go into the 40's or 50's. B)

If you look at 1920 (I think it was that year), there are 4 moving picture theatres. One was next to the Mast General Store building.

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So which current spots did they occupy? It looks like (from top to bottom):





That about right?

And know we know why the back corner of Mast is cut off...because Buncombe used to cut into Coffee diagonally there.

That sounds about right. You can't see it in this photo, but next to the bakery, there is also a drug store which is part of Mast General.

Here it is. Notice also the opera house.


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