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New vintage streetlamps seen as a beacon of hope


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I think that the new lights are a good investment. The whole city lighting system needs to be redone anyway, and replacing the ugly 1970s lights with something that looks more vintage helps the appearance of the city, could attract new development, and could help spur more pride in the community.

However, others disagree, saying that the city can't afford it....


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I've been observing the replacement of the lights and while (I finally got over there today) I can't get a real feeling for Michigan Ave. in Corktown yet, the Woodward lights are wonderful. I just wish they'd come over to Davison sometime. Oakwood Blvd. deserves a lot more attention than it gets and with it's proximity to Livernois, Linwood and Davison it would look a lot better around here with those streetscape improvements. And definitely more trash receptacles. I've never seen one in this neighborhood and we have the wanton stretches of litter to prove it.


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I agree with you, Wordsmith, but neighborhoods have to fight for what they want, as unfortunate as they may be. Corktown has a strong community organization, and it shows in what they've been able to glean from the city, state, and federal government. They deserve all they get. I hope we'd see more active and tight community organizations in the city. You can't wait for the city to come to you, you have to go to the city. :)

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