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What about South Fulton County


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Every area at least 20 minutes away from Atlanta is developed, everywhere except Southe Fulton County. Thw towns of Palmetto and Fairburn are about the same distance away from Atlanta as Roswell and Alpharetta yet these towns are very rural and don't show any signs of growth at all. Why hasn't this prime area been developed?

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Newnan - there are very big plans for south Fulton, including a project called Chattahoochee Village. I assure you though, south Fulton is already in the process of going through a massive change - which is why the population estimates indicate a huge increase in the near future.

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I agree with Teshadoh.

There is alot of development taking place in southern Fulton county. It may not be at the break neck speed that some would prefer but it is there. Zip codes 30331, 30349 and 30213 are experiencing alot of growth. The differences with southern Fulton county is that there have been measures put in place outside of zips 30331 and 30349 to curb growth. Residential growth is steadily marching south. 30331 used to be the hottest zip code in southern Fulton. Now growth is spilling into 30349 and 30213. The CampCreek Market place is doing alot to offer quality retail within minutes of most of central and northern South Fulton County.

As Teshadoh said, the Chattahooche Village development is a dense development that preserves greenspace around the community nodes. This will keep southern Fulton county from ever having that built out look, if plans are maintained. Some people like unbridled growth and congestion and some people like greenspace. For years, southern Fulton has lagged on the development front. As other areas are now slowing down or purposely slowing growth, south Fulton, Coweta and Henry are positioned for steady continued growth.

I highly doubt we will ever see the same type of growth in south Fulton as you have seen in Alpharetta. Quite honestly, I don't think that many of the citizens of extreme southern Fulton county want it that way. I do think however that the population base will continue to grow. It is possible, with the available land left, that the population of south Fulton could grow significantly in the next 25 years. Time will tell of course.

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