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Nashville Photos


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Back in July, I went on a trip around the American Midwest. On my way there, I passed through Nashville. While passing through, I managed to take a couple of pics of the skyline from my car. Here they are:




What do you guys think? B)

Here's the rest of my pics from that trip:


* * *

Whirwind Tour of the American Midwest, PART 1

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Nice pics, especially the one's from Chicago and the Midwest. Next time through Nashville, maybe you'll have time to get off the interstate and see more of the city. Also, if you're ever in the Chattanooga area, I invite to spend some time in our fair city. I think you will be impressed!

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^Yeah, I really wanted to stay/stop in Nashville, but my family had quite a lot of road to cover in only a few days.

I visit Chattanooga about once or twice a year for the aquarium and Lookout Mountain, but I probably won't visit it again (as "often", for lack of a better term) with the Georgia Aquarium opening up in Atlanta. I do quite enjoy my trips up there, though. :)

I did, though, get a chance to stay in Nashville on the way back. Well, actually I think i stayed in Murfreesboro, but it was a Nashville suburb.

If I can find some Chattanooga pics, I'll upload them after I get done scanning them. I don't know if I have any, though. :(

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Thanks for sharing ironman. My first thought was that you were a little close to that concrete guardrail. lol

Come back again, we'll leave the lights on for you.

Don't worry, dave, I stayed in the car the entire time. In fact, those were taken with the lense pressed up against the car window.

Oh, and, in the word's of general Douglas MacArthur: "I will return!".


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Nashville is certainly worth more than an Interstate drive-by, but you did a great job, ironman!. About a month ago I walked around downtown taking photos. There's a lot going on--The Kress Building lofts, Art Avenue Lofts, Stahlman Building apartments, etc. It's been interesting to watch details for some of these unfurl in the City Paper since then (well, at least the Art Avenue Lofts). Feel free to check out my photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomcampion/sets/834111/

I'll end up taking more soon, I hope. Maybe I'll learn something about photography before then, but we'll see about that. It's still fun.

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Nice pics. Somehow, I always like skyline/freeway shots. They're almost some sort of weird artform.

Hey those are some nice shots, but that last one is really good. Taking pics from a car is no easy task, but you did a darn good job.

Yeah, I remember about 12 years ago going northbound on the 12 lane I-610 overpass over the 12 lane Southwest Freeway in Houston and shooting video of the Galleria area and downtown from the top of the overpass at 75 mph. Everybody was giving me the finger. lol :)

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