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Percent of people below the poverty level by city

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I found this interesting chart that shows the percentage of people below the poverty level by city.


Some interesting results, cities that are oft mentioned at this forum, were:


Percentage of population under the poverty line

City Name

#1 33.6% Detroit

#3 28.3% Miami

#5 27.8% Atlanta

#12 23.2% New Orleans

#25 19.1% Minneapolis

#27 18.9% Washington DC

#29 18.5% Tulsa

#37 16.8% Nashville-Davidson

#44 15.4% Austin

#55 13.0% Charlotte (tied with San Diego and Bakersfield)

#69 7.7% Virgiana Beach

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Bronx County, NY - 30.6%

Kings County, NY - 22.6%

New York County, NY - 19.3%

Queens County, NY - 14.5%

Richmond County, NY - 9.6%

I think that number for Manhattan would surprise some people (especially those who don't venture to the Lower East Side or Harlem).

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It'd be better to look at poverty level by metro area as city limits are not always encompassing of what makes a "city". Miami's example for instance, the city of Miami is quite small itself and doesn't include many of the more prosperous suburbs. Dade County is at a more reasonable 17% I would assume the same holds true for Atlanta, DC, etc.

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Hood, you took some of the most rundown cities in the state with the exception of Grand Rapids. How about showing Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Jackson...?

I don't really consider Ann Arbor a core city, but it's poverty rate is 16.6%.

Battle Creek - 14.4%

Kalamazoo - 24.3%

Jackson - 19.6%

Muskegon - 20.5%

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